An untitled girl-2

As the clock hit the morning four
Unwilling to get up,for I wanted to sleep more
Forced myself enclosing in a black leather
I rushed,uncared about the rude weather

Early morning chirp and beeps of beetle
Cold breeze hitting hard in the outskirts of seattle
Flickering bulb of light house and the swaying leaves
Some ghostly creature behind?Fuck I dont believe!

Ah!there she is;Just caught a glimpse of her
My eyes spotted her even when everything was blur
Ran hard just to enclose her like lover
She pushed me back;for I was a late comer!

I just sat down on knees,offering her a flower
For me she was a girl;I wanted to love forever
She still remained quite as I started to weep
I just needed her lap;atleast a brief sleep!

Saddened at her act;I decided to push off
With a belief in heart;she may show up
She may be hungry so I left her favourite muffin
One day she would surely hug,day I would open the coffin!