Vindicta Of Little Animus

At the nave of thousand hectares of rangeland

Carpeted by lush green mat;sojourned an orchard

An orchard; so eye-catching and beauteous

Wondered if it belonged to earth?Ethereal and bounteous

Among the myriad of trees;there stood one
Covering several square feets in girth,it weighed tons

Leaves broadened to size of bed

Arms spreading like mammoth’s trunk,purely red

Roots embedded deep upto the water table

Oh!It seemed like one cited in a fable

But to my utmost surprise were the fruits

A single tree with nuts,achenes and drupes

But the mystic tree wasn’t born to a fine fate

One dark day it grew to be a victim;rather a bait

Miles down inside;the tectonic plates collide

Her roots split apart,suffered evident slide

Subsequently a fruit fell at the cost of quake

Smashed like a hot potato,for it would never awake

Leaves yellowed,twigs bent,companions weep

Destined to the empyreal fact;it went into forever sleep

Horrifying silence soon enveloped the surround

Trees bent In dismay,mourning the death all around

Extending their branches,they lend their support

“But when it was sinking,none came to it’s boat”

Death toll increased with every passing day

Nut,drupe,achene or samara;all fell to gravity’s prey

“Once more beautiful than the trees at eden”

Now the mystical tree deeply wounded and wholly ridden

With the loss of hundreds of inmate

Tree almost abandoned,O god it is so brute

“Now it appeared no good than the cactus”

But why only she suffered catastrophe and ruckus?

Being highspirited,she is afflicted by evil’s eye

Now she is numb and paralyzed,over ground she lie

Or may be the doting eye of onlookers inscribed her the pain

A pain so deep that cannot be healed even by rain

You can read further to understand kota by clicking over this link

Kota-A city nurturing million’s dream



  1. It’s sad that such things happen! Studying was not so used to me, but then the pressure was not as high as now! Now we live in a stressful society and it’s getting worse! It’s good that you bring this problem to the attention, hopefully people will stand stil on that issue and thinking about it, but that alone is not enough!


  2. So so amazing. I loved the poem way too much, it’s really moving.

    When I started reading, I had no clue that I would feel this poem so deeply. It was so intriguing.

    No words of mine can be really worthy of praising this post, not only because it’s written so well, but also because it’s something that touched me deeply. I have prepared for the exam, and trust me when I say I was completely drained in the last few months, despite having family and supportive teachers always around. Now talking about a city like Kota, where the air you breathe smells of IITJEE and AIIMS, life is a lot more difficult. I feel stressed even at the thought of preparing in such a suffocating environment. I can really imagine the stress levels people there have. So, as you said, sensors on fans really can’t do any good. They can’t make us feel better, they can’t reduce the stress. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Please pardon the essay that I just wrote, I really couldn’t stop myself, infact I forced myself to end here.

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  3. This made me so sad. At first I thought may be this pertains to deforestation and then ending came. So glad that you raised an issue that’s still so important as the competition is getting stiff with every passing day putting immense pressure on the kids.
    There could be a solution to this too but we need to draw attention towards it. It’s so nice that you used your talent for a cause. Perhaps it will reach there someday.

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  4. Wow.. Wow… Wow..!! I don’t have words to praise you dear. But I am glad writers like you are here. Words are Weapon and medicine at the same time. They can hurt you or cure you. You have mastered the art.
    Phenomenally Done! I am awestruck.! A difficult concept, brilliantly put.
    Keep it up dear. 😊😊

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  5. Exquisite writing 👏🎁.I loved it ,masterpiece .Your posts are going to next higher level .Well done ujjwal👍.Well penned the Sucide issue of students in form of nature ,tree.Wow!Brilliant mind .

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