Jeer Catchwords#4

      “If I say I write but cannot inspire

       Then I can never become a writer”


                      All rights reserved




  1. hmm, I must be some black sheep in this blogging community. I write to remember my days, I never write to inspire, In fact, I do wish no one is inspired by me 😉 Nevermind me, I read some of your poems. Beautiful words. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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    • Writing is different and aspiring to be a writer is different.You write for your own satisfaction and uses and that’s cool.Some people write for others even that is also great.So surely never mind.Thanks for the comment and read.Your blog is worth following

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      • I loved your blog . The words and analogy is beautiful here. Every line/poem is worth gem. You have a talent boy! The only reason I did not hit Follow is that am more into humor and poetry is last in the list to read 😦 , I try , but I have failed many times in keeping my interest in poems. But I could certainly wish you all the very best and I will look out for your name in published writing… (insert thumbs up emoji here) 😀

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      • The best comment till date!Thanks a lot.would love to know your name if its ok.Everyone has their own space and genre.I really appreciate your work too and thanks a lot for your such warm wish.If anything such ever happens you would surely know.


  2. That’s true! Without inspiration you can not write! Whether it’s a story or poetry. It is clear that you have the inspiration and so also a good writer 🙂 Continue this way …
    Best regards, Heidi

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