For The Dilectio of Deus(1)

After a gap,I twisted my body blandly

Trying to “regain” my consciousness

Opened my eyes gently

I woke up amidst a deep,dark surround

I jerked with Suffocation,forced myself in agitation

But to my bad fate,”I was bound”

I peeped through a hole that ran through the entire length

It was all hazy and blurred

I could not figure out the place even with “my entire strength”

With tens of failed attempts
“I was dropped like a hot potato”

I was weak,miserable;moving over an upcreek without a paddle

Unwillingly I retreated,I knew “I have lost the battle”

All of sudden I was lifted and thrown out

In fear and wrath I “searched for the one”

No trace of human life was visible;all blunt and none

Smoke,malodor,ashes and swaying leaves

Adding more to my misery were muddy creeks

My heart mumbled the truth but I did “not wanted to believe”

Gentle wind kissing my “naked body”

Raised heartbeats,goosebumps and shaking legs

Forced me to run towards the lobby

Now I was quite

“Forcing the hand over my mouth!”

Oh by the god’s grace,I figured out something manly

That feeling,so relaxing and heavenly!

I rushed to him without a second’s delay

Stood infront,but hell what he did???

He just “passed me away”

I cried,I shouted,I patted,I screamed,Even hit him hard

He did not respond,bloody retard!

I could see him vanishing in the smoke

I was forlorn,left all the way “to choke”

But my mind could not rest

How come he passed me?A magician so best?

No“-some deep voice shunned me with a bitter taste

He earned his lively by your dreaded fate”

Neither a magician,nor a mate

He was a mortician and you a bait”


                   All rights reserved



  1. I was so captivated by what was happening in your story and your clever way of writing, that I had no idea when I reached the end and was glad to finally have able to unearth the mystery. Amazing is the word for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “He earned his lively by your dreaded fate”
    Neither a magician,nor a mate
    He was a mortician and you a bait” I loved these lines way too much! Spectacularly penned!
    This post, like always, is really unique and stirring! Very well written Ujj!

    Liked by 2 people

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