Venom In The Void

Holding the grip of branch

She tightened her claws
Drooping and flipping her wings

Parading some deep thoughts

She was in a state of flurry

“Between a rock and a hard place?” She went topsy-turvy

Flew down;landed over the earth
She knew this was hell not worth

Just like the wolves howling at the moon

Just like the daisies in the rain,manifesting their bloom

She gave an “upthrust”;now she went high
Her loud chirp ascertained “her love to fly”

“No I was wrong at the judgement” I am deceived by her lie

She was ruthlessly “in love” with the sky

Such a love,for which everything,she could defy

At a point of time;she “felt some pull”
She looked at the earth

It asserted his tendency,he “wanted to rule”

With passioniated eyes,She gazed at the sky

Sky unwillingly “surrendered”


She bounced repeatedly

Bleeding and weeping,on the earth,now she lies

“Mend your mellow-yellow wing

Take a leap and tear the void’s string

For I want you to be on top

Don’t surrender to earth,do not stop”

The sky set forth from atop
“There is nothing like sky

It’s just a broken white ray,elusive and dry

It was never over me,It was only a mirage

It’s Just an illusion or a mere spectrum of smoke

A fable or propagated falsehood,which brags his vastness

With his “beauty and lies” it only provokes”

Cited the bird;bleeding,broken,all alone

Even the sky knew the truth

Either the bird gets lost in the sky

Or cremated on the earth,for she could never ever fly
Bird chose the later

She gave up

She did not wanted to fly



      • You always have a choice, but if you want both, then it’s not good which choice you make! But I can understand that it’s heartbreaking if there’s a gap between them. Indeed, you can not stay there and ultimately you have to make a choice. But who decide which choice should be made if you know that neither of this one has a good outcome!? So, one of them will not be happy with the choice. (sorry, if our visions are different).
        Best regards, Heidi

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      • That’s what it means to be connected to many people.You can learn and enjoy so many perceptions,views and visions.You can inculcate that In your life if you find it worth.I agree to you heidi.May be our thoughts be different but we understand each others sentimens and we respect that
        Best wishes

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  1. It’s okay to be exhausted and take rest but muster the courage to fly again once the wings get better. There are many birds in the sky already and no effort goes waste so muster the courage to fly again.

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    • That’s such a huge compliment shayra.Could not have been praised more than this.Actually the poem is a true incident of my life.So I did not wanted to explain it fully in the poem itself.So you can call it a sort of masquerading.Baatein kuch aur ad imagery kuch aur


      • Ya ,I got it bcoz it’s reflecting some thing ,connection .I always want to write up like this ,but don’t know how to corelate can it is secret type ,code words.I know.

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      • Yeah you caught it right shayra.You can surely write even much better than this.Jab bhi kuch samajh ni aata kya likhu but likhne ka maan hota then I think of past or look at my immediate surroundings.And just give characters to them.once you start,ideas khud h aaynge.Thanks once again.Means a kot


      • Yes,I have told you .Surrounding se asapas h ideas h bahut.bcoz ap humara brain b us direction mh work krta h .Universe mh abundance knowledge h of every field .If we goes in depth of writing ,we will explore more.Read my Random thoughts nd holi of pain.Hope you will like it. you have find unique title of contents .

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      • Thanks for praising my title.You were true ki surrounding me h bahot sari cheezein hai jispe hum likh sakte hai aur wo kafi kafi behtar likha ja sakta hai.Will surely read your works.


    • Happy endings can be seen in those writings which are based on imaginations and fantasy.But something happened to me and that is what is portrayed under the veil of bird,earth and sky.True stories often donot have happy endings

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  2. Hey Ujjwal, another emotional piece though it made me sad but then things like that happen in real life as well. There is always an angle of intellectual philosophy in addition to your poetic words. So amazing 🙂

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  3. I loved the title! There is always one thing about your posts and that is the choice of your subjects. Like every other post, even this one was unique and special.
    I loved how you presented it theoretically and emotionally. As a reader, posts like this satisfy my hunger to read.
    Moreover, I loved the rhyming scheme and how the poem proceeded. Marvelous and magnificent! Keep it up. 👏👏👏👏

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