One Line Story(OLS) #1


           “I came,I saw,She conquered”




  1. I must say that this one is the best of all your posts. It is crisp. It is witty. It made my day. Explore forms where you can exploit your writing abilities. Do not limit yourself to a particular genre. You never know what you are best at…. and once you find that you can make good use of it. Keep working hard…. let nothing put you into one of those ‘writer’s blue’. Writing is just like any other skill… it improves with practice…. never let yourself down. Write often. Write to inspire. Do not allow yourself to be flattered by praises…. there is always room for improvement. And to put a conclusion sort of thing here…. simple is always beautiful. This post is just an example. This is the reason it stands out among your other posts. Try to imbibe this in your other works too…. Hell I will always prefer Keats to a 5000 pages long, full of formal words treatise. Hope you are understanding my message.

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    • Such a wonderfull person you are,must say.First of all thankyou for the comment and appreciation.I am really glad that I donot follow people who only talk good about me or rather praising me every time even when there are a lot of mistakes.On the other hand I have people like you to always guide me,conpliment me and correct me all at the same time.I will definitely abide by your suggestions to try different genre.Yeah and I agree to the fact that we can always edit a bad page.I will try my best to comeout of my foete.

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