Forest Is Not Dead

Subsequently I managed to reach the dark wood

Pinched yellow path,demarcated well by those trodden black leaves

Essence of the soil well manifested by the off-beat rain

Thick brown stems and swaying branches

Cool breeze slapping my face hard;solidly heaven

Hairs strictly erect,hands wrapping up the body

Oh!Trust me you people,It was no pain

Firmly I decided to follow the foot mark

Certain symbols carved out over those wood bark

“He must be wanting a return” I smirked

Poor soul must have been dined

Or rather the beauty of these woods “made him blind”

May these dark trees or that stony bridge

May that pure brook or these jungle crook

May these dews on the leaves or those heavenly morning briefs

Inspire him to “rent and live”

These attractions may appear one kind

But I am “not a fool”,I am all my mind

With dried neck and benumbed leg,I did not dare “even an inch”

I decided to wet-whistle,resting my legs down in the brook

Sculpting ripples,slurping water,washing down that torn-out face

Now that I realised why this is much more than just a place 

Struggling between mind and heart
I had to retrace,ripping my desires apart 

Stepping outside the woods,I leaped to hover

But to my bad fate;I stumbled

Probably pulled up a boner

I marched towards the subway

Could predict thoses faces lying in graves of dismay

Struggling with the traffic,I Proceeded towards the downtown

Could detect faces that were always ready to mourn

Even my heart went low at the sight of these morons

Still I persuaded myself,I wanted to move on

The one which “did not return” was “way too wise”

Now I looked as a fool;standing and struggling in the crowd

Waiting for a day,the day I would demise



  1. A deep poem! Although we are often struck by fear and insecurity, the path will lead us through the dark forest … It always leads us to an open place! A wise person does not walk away but struggles through the crowd.
    Best regards, Heidi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So beautifully written. We do struggle to make choices between Heart and mind. And when we convince our heart as it was best for us, we are left with regret. 👍 Loved the lines , the beauty of the woods would have made him blind. And then shifts to, now I realized why this place is more than just a place. This poem beautifully portrayed the struggles bet heart and mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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