My Dream Of Happy Scepticism

When the clock struck the midnight hourI could not resist gazing at the ceiling

Anxiety bothered me,I was disquiet and uneasy

What is ‘happiness’ all about?

What is that feeling?
Being azured by the moonlight and the star

Oh!It was all that counted for the ocean,it’s ‘happiness’so far
The kid rushed towards his father

Pushed him back,hung on his neck

Oh!It was all that counted for the father,his ‘happiness’ rather
Meanwhile I admired a mother feeding her child

Her eyes glittering with love,the baby lips making a curve

Oh!It was all that counted for the mother,her ‘happiness’ knew no limits,travelled miles farther
Not only we human are endowed with feelings

My perception inverted,at the sight of cow fostering her baby

Oh!It was all that counted for the cow,her ‘happiness’

So motherly lovely
What brought me to the utmost surprise

A beggar folding hands for every penny that he was ‘prized’

Oh!It was all that counted for the beggar,his ‘happiness’ left me mesmerised
The women folding hands,’looking’ at the deity

“Do not shed the heavy rainfall,the mud base of our house would be swept away” they prayed the almighty

Oh!It was all that counted for these women,their ‘happiness’ looking at the ‘bright sun’ was worthy
The farmer struggling on every inch of his land

He looked at the sky for every single drop,nourishing his soil and the sand

Oh!It was all that counted for the farmer,his ‘happiness’ needs no music or band
My eyes took a glimpse over a soldier waiving his country’s flag

He did not fear the guns,bullets,mortars or the weather

Oh!It was all that counted for the soldier,his ‘happiness’ could not be encaged in a bag
Yet another imagery sent a chill down my spine

A man fighting death did not deliver an iota of fear

Oh!It was all that counted for the man,his ‘happiness’ lay inside somewhere in the rear
Be it a theist or an agnost,both cite a theory

Some believe in science,some an ardent worshipper

Oh!It was all that counted for the men,their’happiness’ needs no query
Stretching my body,eyes shut little low

Now that I woke to a new day

The bright sunrays illuminated my room,there was no dismay

Smiling modestly at the ‘dream’,all the queries answered,what more to say?

Oh!Now that I realised without a seconds delay

The happiness cannot be described in a common way



  1. Great summary of your dream! Happiness is a sense of satisfaction in the big and / or small things of life … Perhaps is your sense of happiness, perceiving someone else’s happiness … 🙂 Don’t worry, be Happy 🙂
    Happy greetings, Heidi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Again a beautiful piece of writing.Happiness is etenal ,comes from within .You are taking your writing to another level day by day,if compared to previous posts.Extending your limits you have gained a lot in writing. Keep writing👌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are right! Happiness cannot be described and defined.! It can only be felt.! Everybody has their own special meaning of happiness. You described it phenomenally! Loved it absolutely! Wonderful job! Keep writing. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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