Great Indian Politics

This post does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any person,organisation or community.It is indeed just a satire over politics of India.

I urge the readers to take it as a mode of enjoyment and fun

“It definitely does not propagates any political outfit and their views or thinking”

  • When Shashi Tharoor posted his “Ultra English tweet”.The reactions of people be like

“Tum tou tehre pardeshi,sath kya nibhaoge,subah pehli gadi se,videsh laut jaoge”

  • After Sushma swaraj proactive management of external affairs including protection of Indian citizens and their rescue.The people be like

“Tu kitni pyari hai,tu kitni acchi hai,tu kitni bholi hai,pyari pyari hai ooo maa,ooo maa”

  • All BJP candidates after 2014 lok sabha elections Urging PM for 2019.They be like

“Tu hi kinara,tu hi sahara,tu jag sara,tu hi humara suraj,tu hi tara,jay jay kara,jaya jay kara,Swami dena sath humara” 

  • After Nitish kumar declares support for Ramnath kovind presidential candidature going against the wishes of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Lalu yadav be like

“Dost dost na raha,pyar pyar na raha,Nitish hume tera aitbaar na raha”

  • MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan after Farmers refused to End up the protest and help him break his fast

“Dil mera tod diya usne,bura kyun manu,usse haq hai wo pyar,kare na kare” 

  • Akhilesh yadav after losing the UP state elections be like

Papa kehte they bada naam karega,beta humara bada kaam karega,magar ye tou koi na jaane,ki iski manjil hai kaha”

  • Akhilesh yadav to Rahul gandhi after losing UP election too badly

“Bhag bhag DK bose DK bose DK bose bhag bhag DK bose DK bhag,Yogi aaya Yogi aaya”

  • Sonia Gandhi introducing the family be like

Hum logon ko samjh sako tou samjho dilbar jani,jitna tum humko samjhoge,utni hogi hairani,phir bhi dil hai hindustani phir bhi dil hai hindustani”

  • Yogi adityanath after been appointed as CM of UP be like

“Hai celebration,nacho dhana dhan,music bajao,keh do ye sab se aj ki party meri taraf se”

  • Arvind kejriwal when people troll him for everything he does

Mai bolta hun tou bolta hai ki ye bolta hai,mai hasta hun tou bolta hai ki hasta hai,mai rota hu tou bolta hai,drama hai”



    • Thanks for reading and appreciating.By the way it is the best platform for me today to connect with people.I took the precautions because I know every social media is full of Pseudo intellectuals and ultra party supporters which definitely I am not.You may ask me if you have offence

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