Disciple In An Ant’s Hermit

I admired the sky searching for it’s border
The sky twisted it’s mouth with a pride rather

“Be in your limits” the sky laments

It was his time;I must bear the torment

I gazed at the sun admiring it’s glow

The sun shoots up it’s temperature,wanted me to bow

“Be in your limits” the sun replied,I bent my head,my eyes shut low

“Cursing my limits” in a dismay,I waited for the night

The time arrived ‘so soon’,there was intense moonlight

So joyful and happily;I did glare

“Be in your limits”,moon gave me a stern stare

Sadly did I march for the ocean’s boundless beauty

Wanted to join those high tides,just an off-duty

“Be in your limits”,sea blowed me off with absurdity

With a low heart I advanced towards the mammoth tree

Wishing to Catch the grip of it’s girth

“Be in your limits”,Tree limits my desire,”donot dare to touch”

Disdained,chided,denounced,been laughed at

I decided to retreat without a second’s wait

Suddenly my legs lifted off in pain

‘An ant’ did bite away

The query haunted me,what did she gain?

She did not gave up neither did she surrender

She did not retreat nor did she fear

She fought for her life “so less and mere”

Holy shit!Hardly an “inch long life” provided me life’s reminder

The sky is eclipsed by the cloud’s might

Even the mighty sun sets at night

On a bright day,there is no beauty of moonlight

The tides emerging so proudly have limited height

The arrogant tree fears at the axe’s sight

Now I was way too delight

The ant imbued me with the biggest lesson

She wanted me something to realise

Setting before me a deterrent example

It’s the way life needs to be lived

Some days you are up

Some days you are down

Some days you gain a flight

Some days you encounter a plight

Just donot give up so easily

You are the master of your life

Stand,Leap and Fight



  1. I love how the poet admires the nature of beauty but nature asks him to ‘be in his limits’. The example of ocean’s high tides suits this poem the most. I had 2 diff perspectives of this poem.first, to overcome the fear and live the life to the fullest..sky diving, Climbing mountains, surfing..second, Be brave and face the challenges life throws you at. Would like to know the actual thought of the poet. Beautiful penned๐Ÿ‘

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks a lot jeni for reading the work.It’s so good to see you comment.Actually I have basiphobia(fear of height) and bathophobia(Fear of depth like in river or sea) So definitely I have not written it with the first perspective of yours.I do agree with the second perspective.It’s true.Actually I wrote with the same mentality.Basically here nature actually refers to people I our life too who try to make us realise that we are a mediocre and should jot dream high.They would often laemnt and torment us.

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