An Untitled Girl

Dressed in a sleep pant with adorable blue tee

Her eyes were captivating enough to send one on a romantic spree

Her face had that enamouring shine

Harbouring a magical charm that none could see

Offering a pusher or rather a finger vice

We shook for the first time

Heart murmured in a soft tone;felt “something nice”

Eyes could not resist to see again and again

Well aware of the fact;it was a devilry

Oh!I just remembered “I am a man,must posses chivalry”

Her hands as white as the snowy white rose ;the one which in the moonlight sighs

Her face gleaming as bright as the beams of paradise

Her eyes glittering with intelligence,intellectuality and advice

Her ability to read mind in a way most precise

Oh!She is blend of beauty,perception and intution

She is way too wise

She does not wear any make up,she’s not a queen

She is a warrior,a rebel,a fighter who is always keen

Often lamented and tormented for being such in her teen

She is outright and outspoken not obscene!

Her lips are quite but her heart can create disaster

She is calm but her thoughts are free;uncaged rather

She is the pride of her father,an apple’s eye to her mother

She is not common

She is atypical,infrequent,extraordinary rather.



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