All-consuming explosion followed by a fervent flare

Even the mighty eyes crippled,did not attempt a stare

Succesfully proving it’s efficacy,devouring all that was near

Surviving the atrocity were the eyes ‘Fading to black’,still trying to glare

Lifted,medicated,nurtured,brought “back to life”

Surrounded by men,armors,guns and knife

Intense halogen lamps,forcing to squeeze his eyes shut

Tied to rope,hanged with those wounds rather smut

Tortured,tormented,beaten black and blue

Lying over the ice bar,for hours he was glued

Charged for killings and espionage

He faced those men,their hate,their rage

Clots surrounded the eyes,still he took a gaze

But the perpetual spark in his eyes,left them amaze

Lips did not open against the nation

He was a soldier,a country’s mason

Afflicted with pain and wounds,thrashed behind bars

A soldier,a human,all left behind

Rather he “Bagged an award,PRISONER OF WAR”!



  1. You have totally justified the theme. Nobody could have done it better. Every time I read your works, I have this goosebumps which speaks a lot.You inspire me more than you know. So, I would instead thank you for this post and each one of them.
    This is beyond the limits of perfection. Fabulous!

    Liked by 2 people

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