The ‘SO’u’L’e’D’ Flesh!

Standing by the pillars,luring those men

With superfluous makeup

Gazing through hundreds of brothels;winding up the lane

‘The road which hardly sees a person in light’

Now witnesses hundreds of Menoccupying in the night

The “RED” light so intense,forces to Squeeze one’s eye shut

The have their identity,tagged as ‘Slut’

Looking at their faces,I tell you what

‘Trust’ me;they don’t have the will,they are ‘abduct’

The so called ‘men’,who are “off their nut”

Label her” just a prostitute”,eager to ‘payout’;forcing her to ‘shut’

She might be forty,thirty,twenty or sixteen

‘The men’ don’t give a fu**,even if she matches her daughter,

“Wonderful” if she’s a teen

Ripping apart the humanity,how come a ‘man’,’a father’,’a brother’ be so mean?

She cries in the darkness hiding her tears

She knows ‘she is not a woman’,she’s born to fear

Two,five or even ten a day

She is not made just to ‘lay’

Scratches,bruises,wounds or pain

Tearing apart her body,”what do they gain?”

 I guess what she prays to the deity

Oh god!Please don’t let her child be born in that absurdity

She walks through the lane as if a “guilty”

Those “proud chested men” passing a witty smile,labelling her “filthy”

Why is she forced to ‘sell’her body?

Oh!I forgot the “civil society” is drugged with poppy

Let her live the way she want

Don’t hurl abuses at her

Condemning and ostracising her with a rant

‘Trust’ me you all,she does not need to be taken for grant!

The day we don’t want to celebrate should be  #International day of sex workers-2 June

Lets accomplish  #International day of no prostitution-5 oct

Nobody takes prostitution by choice or will.They either are abducted,trafficked or forced.Even if some women take it as their profession,it doesnot indicate that she is very happy.Instead she must have some or the other responsibilities and problems that led her into this regrettable,violent and demonic profession.

Government has often been heared talking on  making their life better but why not they talk about Banning them forever even when India is tagged as one of the largest hubs for prostitution,sex work as livelihood and flesh trade.

#Ban prostitution

#Save women

#Not just a prostitute



  1. Wow, what a powerful article! It’s heartbreaking to think about. I’ve never understood why a male would choose this versus there are certainly other options and plenty of “non paid” ladies out there. Just so sad all the way around.

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    • Probably finding someone like you termed “non paid” is cumbersome.There are many ladies I do agree but they too have their choice to be with a particular man.Thanks for the read.Be connected
      Best regards

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  2. It’s a thought provoking post and so true .They are like us who got trapped by circumstances and not able to escape from the trap .Really ,Hats off to u for drifting our attention to this alarming and shameful issue.Well written .

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  3. The sad hard truth, you throw it out with powerful words, but they are not always heard by everyone! It is unbelievable that this still exists in the modern world Anno 2017! While politicians talk about peace, justice, poverty alleviation, job creation, human rights, etc … Do they at the same time give instructions for war, they set murderers and thieves free, lets people pay more taxes while wasting all our money … and keep their eyes closed for all injustice and destruction on human and earth …! It’s a shame! And we only can protest, but they (the politicians) have the power to do something about it!
    Best regard, Heidi

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  4. This is extremely well written, both in the poetry and in the narrative.

    The totally sad part is as long as there is a demand for these “services” the abductions, trafficking and being forced into prostitution of fellow human beings will continue.

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  5. It is a life too tragic to imagine. so many forced to such a life where they have no choice at all. BUt there are girls from rich families who sell themselves for money and fun of it. I don’t feel any pity for them. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

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  6. What should I say?? Every time you wrote I fell short of words. This time I am speechless. This has touched the core of my core.
    A hard slap to reality. It’s magnificent. Just outstanding. Hats off once again.! 🙂

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