After life(Lost in Paradise)

Seated on the chariot;Giving my feet a rest

With half opened eyes;seeking for my mates

Witnessed a man with herculean arm;holding a mace

Mighty,robust body bearing a huge moustache

Adding to my blues he din’t even bat an eyelash

Unconditional,unstoppable the chariot ran

Stopped at the entrance by yet another husky man

He passed on a witty smile,leaving me doubted yet mesmerise

Oh!I was wandering like a fool lost in paradise

Bulky,colossal,giant;the entrance comprised all in one

Over my head I could witness the Snow-white clouds that run

A women stood beside asking me to step down

She directed me and I followed gazing at her gown

She asked me to stand by the pillar in a soft tone

Meanwhile I searched for my phone

Oh!I forgot it’s not the earth,disheartedly I started to moan

“This is the place where you go” 

Hearing the abrupt,deep voice I went little low

Two names flashed on the screen

“Heaven” or “Hell”,my eyes were keen

Both started disappearing,my face pale but green

Rapid beats,shivering legs forced me to lean

Oh!My deeds on earth would decide the place I would be in

Covered my face with the hands like a teen

With one eye,gaping through the fingers,I looked

It was the place where in dreams I have often been

Started jumping in happiness and joy

I just could not stop myself to enjoy

The screen read the “Heaven”,it left me overjoyed

Thanking the almighty for her kindness

I wanted to go immediately leaving behind all the sadness 

Benevolent angels,lush green grass,

Sky as white as snow delivering it’s class

No phone,no pollution,no traffic

Calm,beautiful,peaceful scenario,nothing so horrific

Welcoming me they added their gesture

Beautifully crafted texture,i wanted to get nurture

But suddenly my mind triggered a thought

My heart went low,i was like a thirsty in drought

I realised the substance of life

My parents,kids and wife

I just wanted to get back,I wanted to be alive

Though this is far better than earthly happiness

But I don’t want to be “LOST IN PARADISE”



  1. This kept me glued to the page, reading, reading, reading, and I refused to skip to the end. I loved it when you looked for your phone and remembered you were not on earth. The emotions and the visions in this poem are so well drawn with your words.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well written..the screen read heaven, it left me overjoyed. How happy we must be if we end up in heaven..our deeds on earth will decide the place. Wonderful.. but you don’t have to worry more..all your relatives will join you in heaven.😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for passing in my little virtual house. I’m absolutely impressed about your writing. I’ll take good time in reading you as soon as possible. Yesss writing isn’t to impresse others but for ourselves. Paola.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I completely agree. Simpler words yet strong meanings. I too don’t believe in using hyped vocabulary, seeing that nobody reads with dictionary open. 🙂 It was utmost pleasure to read such wonderful piece of art. I am thankful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I dont know about paradise, I was sure lost in your poem. It truly gave me goosebumps. The best thing about the poem is that it can be felt so easily and effortlessly. No matter how much we curse life, it will be missed thereafter. Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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