The Season I Love?

Stepped outside the gate in a hurry

My legs disapproved the movement,fell into thick slurry

Cleaning my feet,I decided to go

Oh!I was already late,I could not excuse or say no

Scortching heat,consuming celsius adding to the toned up light

Oh!I do not inculcate the proficiency to even take a sight

Sweating like a worker dead-tired in a furnace

Crossed the by lane exhausted yet Rav nace

The bleach-white snow covered the roof

Inside the quilt I was cursing like a goof

Shivering body,clattering teeth,lips freezed and dare not utter

Limbs defrosted by the fire which felt like a melted butter

Leafless trees,yellowed roads marked the onset of season

Oh!this harvesting time,cursing it without any reason

Brown barks,hollow dry trees,read an entirely different story

Probably the trees were vilificating the season for losing their glory

All that I did was to lean on the chair

Asking myself,whether cursing every season was fair?

Was my mind and heart the only one to share?

I hope there are people parallel to my thoughts,I am not rare.



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