That One Girl…

I sat over the bench,pushing the other by the side
She came,she looked,directed me to step aside,

I followed her instructions,she sat beside

Now that I lifted my eyes for a glance

My mouth wide open;a Beauty,a Menace

Her eyes,Oh!sorry those baby blues

An angel,a mermaid,a princess?I had no clues

Gently pushing aside her book,she did share

Oh!God I could not resist to glare

The aroma and her redolence tickled my nose

She pulled off her hairs,got little close

Those goosebumps and the beat had no limits

I decided not to play any gimmick

She lifted her head purposely questioning

I nodded with the movement as ‘Nothing’

She smiled and gave me a stern look,

Posing her head back to the book,

Oh!She was being sceptic,rather I too lied

She asked me to set the ruler,with her permissions I could slide

The bell rang,students rushed through the door

She lifted her bag;now about to leave

Oh!God please freeze the moment,I wanted it to live

She walked away without any words

I kept on looking with stupidity and absurds

“After 11 p.m.,not before” she just mumbled softly from the back door

I could not stop thanking god,

She left her number with the witty smile and the nod

That one girl!She smiled,she waved and left in style

She was My Star,Oh I tapped my head in nostyle!



  1. As you describe it so poetically, expressing the admiration and your feeling for that one girl, I think everyone wants to be that one girl. Keep on doing what your doing… writing good poetry…
    Best regards, Heidi

    Liked by 1 person

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