The Waves Of Life

Sitting by the seashore

Ears evident of those white noise and uproar

Silencing every sound,blocking distractions far more

Parallel waves generated upto the core

Undulating waves entrusted with their duty

Unleashing the ocean’s boundless beauty

Splashing perpetually against anemones with absurdity

Decimating barnacles and planktons causing atrocity

Oh!Now that I could relate

Life too has waves synonymously it’s adversity

Face aglow with the limited orange ray

Gazing at the horizon,in a state of dismay

Twilight beckons the stars,now that I slay

The one inside me diverting the way

Ocean azured by the moon and star

They can control the waves even being so far

Perhaps taught me a lesson,I am not a subpar

Now that I can fight with waves of life

Blotting out those viles,erasing the scars

Ocean emerging high with every tide

Pushing the objects and creatures aside

This is the life

Enabling those who have the ability to ride

Now that I stepped closer to ocean,it’s time for ebb tide

Life offers enormous ways to live,stand upright

#waves #tarang

A Short Message-:

Perhaps this is my last post.Time for a break for few months.And i know I would have lots n lots of works piled upon to read and get inspired from such amazing writers and bloggers.

This addition is mainly because of Jenn.She very humbly asked me to leave a note before packing up.

It was very very kind of bloggers like Bhavika,Letters that matter,Pankhudi,twinkling words,Alfazon ki udaan and many more who either asked y or rather wished good luck and also asked to rethink.I would really thank them for such kind response.I will obviously miss vry prominent n beautiful writings Of all d people whom i follow.

The most important thing was dat first tym today a blogger pointed out my grammatical error and i thanked her for her help.

Wish all the amazing people Good luck.And really want to return soon So Dat i can Connect and learn with all soon.

Thankyou Bhavika fOr such support and acknowledgement

ThAnkyou oNce again Jenn

Keep writing

Love expressing

“Express as much as u can So that you have no regrets”



  1. Bro, going on a hiatus bcoz of exams?? If so then all the best, buddy๐Ÿ‘
    Your works are really great, really an amazing feeling to know someone like you. ‘Tussi jaa rae ho? Tussi na jao.’ Maybe this stops youโ˜บ. Anyways best wishes for you. Do come back soon. For the time being, keep working, keep pushing. Will miss your works๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As a fan, I will really really miss your work and your encouraging comments too. But I hope that this step will help you.
    About this poem, I have no words.It is mesmerizingly good. I have re read it for many times. Hope you get back soon. And hope you rethink about your decision. Good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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