An Angel’s Devil

A Benovolent angel walked down the pearly gates

Endowed with wisdom,surrounded by inmates

Her Huge white curvy wings helped her alivate

She was prime,beyond comparison,an ace if I would abbreviate

Her face was gleaming,her wings white as snow

Dressed in linen,she was leading the row

Her body resembled a mermaid,her wand could cause thunder

Her beauty,her opulence,her eyes all just a wonder

But to her causes and bad fate

She was apple’s eye of a fierce devil among her inmates

He was the most feared but she knew to conciliate

Her presence would calm him,she would placate

He proposed her to marry

Wanted her to leave the arcadia,so he could carry

Her eyes still lacked the trust

An aura of fear and death gave her upthrust

For him;loving her was prime and must

But her eyes saw the wrong,it was love not the lust

She was the only that could kill him

Called upon him at the dusk,the light was dim

She wanted the mystic flower floating over the brim

He rushed towards it,wanted his love to acclaim

Never would have he imagined in wildest dream

She pierced her wand into his heart,he turned to be a victim

O look at the poor devil

His love was his only rival

He still wanted to hold her hand with unmatched zeal

His love was not fatal,he wanted to reveal

There is nothing like angel or devil.It’s just our state of mind.At times,we acquire accordingly



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