Sitting by the window;gazing at the sky

I espied a bird trying hard to fly

She had mutilated feathers yet gave another try

She did not excuse and persuade her heart by a lie

Meanwhile droplets fell over the top

Speeding themselves on the slope

Each drop contributed to heavy rain that none could stop

Clouds enveloped the sky accompanied with lightning and thunder

All I wanted to do;was to wander

Eyes caught glimpse of such a beauty

Remembered the days,when I used to get dirty

So good were the days;dripped in water and mud,yet not a guilty

It looked as if the rain was being flirty

O that grace of nature so opulent and earthly

Can’t forget those paper boats

Danced under the rain when they would float

Green leaves,wet branches,birds soaring high
Man holding umbrella;thwarting himself under the drizzling sky

Only a complain I had with almighty

Why I have no wings?

I too want to fly

Colors splashed;forming a rainbow

Acting as heal to my loneliness and sorrow

I wished if this beauty of nature I could borrow

But gradually the streamlines turned narrow

I was worried in mind and dismayed at heart

If I could see this scene even tommorrow

The mutilated bird now able to fly

Rain healed her wounds,she was soaring high

Gradually the rain stopped but the greenry persist

I wanted to touch that rainbow;something resist


39 thoughts on “RAIN 

  1. So, so, so beautiful! As it started I thought, I’d read something that would probably make me sad but by the middle of it I was smiling foolishly like a little girl who too played in the mud and rain whenever. The boats❤❤ I still love them.
    I’ve been reading your work, they are magical! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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