I left his place as I was told.I waved him goodbye.He smiled at me.But as I stepped outside,he told “I am sorry”.

“You don’t need to be.Probably I should have seen the clock” I replied

As I turned once again to wave,i could see his eye.It was red.I think he was crying.He had to say something that he could not.But then I just calmed myself down.Why will he cry?May be he would be missing his family.

Early morning I went for my music and swimming classes.At around 1:00,when I returned back,i saw almost ten police cars were standing by the road.Tens of policemen were talking to locals around.Even I could see Sherrif questioning my mother.I ran through the bushes as fast as I could and reached to my door.My mother hugged me very tightly.Sheriff waved hands at me and then went.

“What’s happening,mom?”

Mom caught me through arms and directed me inside.

“Don’t tell anyone you met the stranger last night” Mom said.Her eyebrows up and she was sweating.She even could not speak properly

“But why,can you please tell me what is this all going on?I asked

“Read this”She gave me a newspaper

The headlines read as follows.

“Senator Bob jeffery was assassinated by unnamed intruder today near suburban square.Officials believe it to be a terrorist attack targeting top senators”.I was jittery reading this.

“What is the connection mom?”

“He was the assassinator.”Mom replied in a stern yet frightful manner

“What?”My eyeballs almost popped out,mouth wide open.I could not believe mom’s tongue.

I ran outside from mom’s clutches.Patches of blood still laid on the doorstep and roads.He was packed in a plastic bag zipped upto head.They put him back in the ambulance.I felt like crying heavily but my mouth did not open.I could not imagine a man whom I met last night was lying dead near me.They took him.

My mom pulled me inside.She gave me two gifts.

“The stranger gave it to me today morning.I wanted to decimate it after hearing what he did but he had pleaded me to give it to you” Mom said

One of the gifts was mine.It was rewrapped, which he returned back.The other was a new one.I unwrapped the other one.Mom looking at me strangely.It had choclates and letter.Probably my christmas gift.

The letter read-

“Dear Alice,

When i saw you for the first time I thought my son returned to me.I lost my son but I got you.Here is your christmas gift.Don’t complain now.Ha the time you read this letter you would be forming all negative images of mine.I killed the senator last night before you arrived at my place.I lied to you a little.My elder daughter did not die.She is alive but in captivation of the terrorist group of Islamic State.I was forced to kill senator if I wanted my daughter to be alive.I know they will not spare her whether I kill him or not.But I am a father.I can do anything to save her.I am doing the mistake but I have no other way.

When you offered me the glass of water,it was exactly like my daughter did just the same day when she was held up by them.That moment I decided my fate.I did not want to kill other two senators.Neither want to be interrogated by police and become international face of terrorism.I will call up the police.I will fire bullets at them.In return they will shoot me and this is all that I want.I tried to do all that I could to save my daughter but your tears changed me.Please forgive me alice atleast you because I have noone else than you at present.

I have given you my family photo.The only asset that I have saved.If ever you meet my daughter give this to her.Ha ha!I know this won’t ever happen.I am sorry alice.If possible please forgive me”

My eyes could not hold the tears anymore.My mother too was heavy at heart.She was sobbing.I was dismayed.Cursing everyone.She hugged me tightly than ever.I could not stop crying.I was shouting.My mother took me to the room.I laid on her lap.She waved hands over my forehead.Now I realised why his eyes were so different!He wanted to share his pain but he could not.I slept in mom’s lap.Now I was in a virtual world.It had all good things.No stranger,no sadness,no killings.

I wished the life would be like dreams.Even if something bad happens,i would get up and things would be restored to normal.



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