Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be my valentine?

My heart mumbled softly for the first time

Lured into the state of quarantine

My eyes din’t blink even for a second

Something in her was very divine

Dressed like a mermaid,her face had that very enamouring shine

She came closer;Hazel color of her’s matched with mine

She fumbled her fingers over my face

The moment I caught a glimpse of her charm,her beauty and her elegance

I did curse the clock as it ran with pace

Its too fast,let me dive into her beauty and grace

My heart pumped with abnormal rate

I could not wait anymore;it was too late

Sat down on knee wishing for a good fate

Held her hand and decided to narrate

The same moment my eyes wide open

Oh!I realised it was a virtual or rather a natural bait!

O Silly heart!Still cursing the mind to remember the girl I met!


56 thoughts on “Will You Be My Valentine?

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