It was a clear and sunny day.I was indulged in playing my favourite game,Alto’s Adventure.Just when I smashed into a rock;my eyes went over to the house lit up!A house abandoned for almost 3 and half years.It realy surprised me and I was so curious to find out it’s occupant.

“Mom who is there in the old house?”

“I don’t know.Some stranger”Mom replied.

“When did he came?”

“Alex common I am not sherlock.How can I know?I have lots of work,so can u please stop these Q/A session”

“Ok fine”

If mom would have replied I would surely be ok.But she din’t.So I need to find out.

I took leaps and reached to the old house.Though the glass panes were dirty and translucent yet I tried to see inside.But to my bad luck I could see nothing.I went back.

To me finding out the stranger’s identity was as important as signing a peace accord in a country stormed with civil war.At noon,standing beside the window holding my football I was  gazing at his door.Suddenly an idea struck.I kept my football on the ground just outside my main gate,took some steps back and hit it in a Messi way just conking his door hard.And now walked slowly towards his house.

Suddenly I could see the door being opened.Oh!Now my curiosity gonna over.I was going to see the stranger.

Long beards and moustache almost covered his lips,his greyish hair did leave a certain impression.Dressed in a sophisticated manner,boots well polished.Looked like a retd.high school principal,probably about 60 years or more.

He gave me a blunt look.And called me!

“Are you calling me?”I pretended.Although aware of the fact

“Yes you lil’champ”

For the first time I saw him so closely.He looked more graceful now.

“Is this yours?”


“Take it but play in your lawn”

As I turned to leave he said something and then I could not speak

“What were you looking for inside my house?”

“I..I..I din’t do.Who told you?”

“Oh!probably you think I m too old to see things myself”

“Ok I am sorry.Won’t do it again”

“Probably you should not”

I took the football and went away.

But there was something very unusual about the stranger.Why would someone wear boots at home and that also a 60 year old?He never went to community park joining his age group since his arrival?He hardly opened his door anytime?

Probably an atmosphere of suspense was created around me.And my suspiscion grew with each passing day.



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