O My Country!

Decades ago my people enlivened to freedom

Dawn barged in my country without ‘their kingdom’

Fought against slavery and it’s boredom

We rose,we stood,we vowed

To move with prodigious momentum

Keeping the reminiscence of revolts like a memorandum

From the chains of imperialism and it’s ministry

My motherland sought her liberty

Trying to uplift my people from ‘their mercy’

My people who were thirsty,looking forward to a radiant country

The country of aesthetic beauty and benign culture

The country often remembered for farmers and agriculture

The country of Indo-Mughal-Persian architecture

It’s only my country where all religions nurture

But why are my people sad?

O’look at ‘that’ face,torn and bad

Something bothers them;biting one’s nail 

Oh!they are not glad!!

O’Look at that man,

Wearing those torn clothes ;skin tan

He doesn’t appear to be a free citizen,

Is he even a human???



  1. As I believe you have said elsewhere on your blog, it is upto us to reclaim what is rightfully ours, instead of blindly swaying to the falsehoods perpetrated by leaders of various hues, be I political, religious or business.

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  2. So true..It feels terrible but for a fact we are still slaves of narrow mentality, we are still ruled by old superstitions and we are still bounded by caste system.
    I hope that we can be free someday in true sense. Well portrayed.Splendid.!

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