Dear Girl

Dear girl,trust me you are never all alone,

My eyes staring icily at you;lips murmuring in a feeble tone,

In the crowd of many I am the one,

Waiting for the people to be gone,

To set up chills within your spine and bone.

I can grope you from back,run hands over you from front,

It’s “your mistake”,the society will taunt,

Trust me dear girl no one gonna save you,

I learnt all these,amongst the atmosphere that I grew,

I hate your freedom,I hate your laugh,

I Hate to see you smile,

Wearing those “shorts” walking for a while.

Your “dress triggers”me when you roam,

I have ‘rights’ to harass you until you go home,

You are not a ‘human’,you are “just a woman”

Dare not resist me when I objectify,

I have many faces,you can’t identify.

Don’t walk in the night,beware of my sight,

Don’t come under my light,

Dear girl;once caught none gonna save you from your plight,

Because I know none tutored you to fight.

Dare not utter a word,

Dare not raise a sword,

Because For the world you are none but a “Caged bird”.

You can run from one city to another,that doesn’t matter,

Only my face changes,the same happens to you “don’t you bother”

Dear girl,take my suggestion,be at home rather,

All your days,all your life I can shatter,

because you live in this “Dumb” world;where its the courage i gather.


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