My country is at stake,

What sense for them does it make,

glom on to my land;deepen my soil,

All that we had;now they take

Abounding and ancient heritage of babylon,

Now deserted;all alone,

Aesthetic beauty,benign culture; which mesmerised the poets to cherish,

Great mesopotamia city;now forced to perish

Full-mouthed thundering jets flutter the sky,

Beneath their range;we all lie,

Huge shelling of bullets and mortar,

Break in many lives across the border

Fireballs from the tanks keep the uproar,

Machineguns conk every door,

Downfall of my country;shuddersome and war-tore,

Manifested well;from the child reposing at the sea-shore

“My own” wandering here and there,

Never have they imagined;what now they bear,

Striving hard every moment;for it is death that they fear,

Under cold,chilly nights,in the camps they shiver,

No human cause comes to care,

With those innocent refugees;humanity too drowns in river

Barefoot;in the scortching sun,

Every bullet shot,force them to run

What has happened to this world

None oppose,when outraged modesty of a girl,

What’s the mistake of that lil’boy,

We too are human,not mere toy

One wish to almighty,please be kind,

We too are human,no world can find,

Moment we fear are each and every,

Save us;before we are bound to chains of slavery

(Reference-Civil war in IRAQ and SYRIA)

(Perspective-A refugee child)



  1. People seem to have lost their sense of empathy and compassion and this is a sad state for us all. When this is gone, it allows such horrors as you must feel and see. I wake up every day with the weight of sorrow heavy in my human heart. I hope someday, when my commitments are different, to be able to do more to help others. For now my words and my prayers are all I have to give. And my hope that maybe someday we all will wake up from this terrible slumber from which we suffer….xo

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