A father and child conversation after cIass 10th result-

Father-So what have you decided to do afterall your results are out?

Child-Not much clear yet!

Father-You need to decide it fast,since time is running.

Child-Actually i have thought to appear for IIT-JEE exams!

Father-Are you sure?Is this what you want?

Child-Ya!”Bt I dont know where to start from”.

(After 4-5 days with thorough discussion from relatives and friends)

Father-I have a plan for you.Why don’t you go to kota?What can be more best than kota to prepare for these exams!

Child-Ya some of my friends too have decided the same.It is one of the most decorated place to study.I am ready to go.

This storyline may match up with some readers and others might have some interesting plot behind their arrival to kota.

Kota-A city treasuring millions dreams.The dream to become a doctor,a dream to get into country’s most reputed IIT’s and NIT’s,a dream to represent India at international forums,junctions and olympiads.And guess what?These dreams prove to be true at every aspect and step.Since kota has been a hub for students,it too deserves this immense number because the city has produced many toppers and rankers in various competitive exams within the country and abroad.

Every student running behind marks,running to crush other in rank,running to bring a top rank!And Man !Trust me you cannot find this madness anywhere else.Madness for success.Crave and a desire to outstand among all.Full fledged preparation to outlast other.Each student bearing Cut-throat competition with each other.

With the aim fixed in their heads,fixed to hit the bull’s eye,the first encounter would be kota railway station.Hundreds of trains arriving from various parts of country is enough to call it as “Mini India”.On the way to main city you would find structures and sculptures carved out of ancient indian Raja’s and Maharaja’s style of architecture.

Withe these billboards and hoardings you now can be completely sure that you have entered the “City of toppers”.

I myself have never imagined that a city like this actually exists.The name Rajasthan leaves an imprint of deserts and camels on our brain.But it is absolutely wrong for kota.(childish thought of mine)

Multi storeyed buildings of coachings,huge clusters of PG’s and hostels just like cluster of stars in skies cover every inch of kota which clearly states that it is “unimaginable”in real terms.This is Beyond the “wildest dreams”for a person who has never visited The City Of Education.(To make it more clear i would just say,that you close your eyes and walk in any direction in kota.Now open your eyes and just ask the rate of their respective rooms.It is clear from above description that you don’t have to run hither-thither finding houses with empty rooms.Every single house here is available for room rental.) For maximum of the houses their survival depends on students and this coaching business contributes a large fraction to kota’s economy and development.Ironically It would cause havoc and distress among residents of kota if the students from here vanishes away.
You can observe thousands and thousands of boys and girls dressed in discrete uniforms with imprinted names of their coaching institutes,carrying bags over their shoulder,some giggling,some laughing,few sad,worn out,drowned,fatigued,stale and run down faces whereas some with contended,intoxicated and chirpy faces.

​Now the hunt begins.Hunt for Room and hostels.Accounting to many hundreds in numbers they are available with all facilities varying in charges from about 2500 to 16000 depending upon need and luxury.You can compare it with a mall.The money you throw,the brand you get.Similar case stands for mess starting from 2000 to 5000 have been identified with foods served on regular basis and “special”on some days.The word “special” might be mouth watering for non-kota people reading this but for “”the students studying here it does not simply make them happy and you can see a peculiar expression on their face when you use this term””​

​Next comes the target to enroll in the respective coaching institutes on the basis of result,a coaching has produced previously or on one’s own choice and suitability.The various biggies of kota include Allen career institute,Resonance eduventure,Bansal classes,Vibrant academy,Motion and Career point.All of these matriculate students for various competitive exams like IIT mains and Advance,NEET,AIIMS and others.Such behemothic,colossal and whopping big buildings are not flats and apartments or malls but are educational institutions.The fees of these institutes range from 60000 to 1,20,000 depending on stream and exam preparation.

​And now the most important thing are the teachers here.For instance the teacher here have to go through severe forms of screening and interview to test their knowledge,skills,their method of interaction and delivery to students.Its not that easy to teach at these institutes.

And now the classes begin.The students have to follow a daily routine.”Strive hard” “No gain without pain and pen” are some of the gurumantra’s buzzing in every student’s ear.From approx 7 hours of coaching classes,one has to study about 4-6 hours daily on self to crack these exams.Some say”It is not allowed to fall ill in kota” which shows the competition and dedication level of students here.A very competitive and struggling path.

No,no!Don’t get confused!It’s not a cycle manufacturing factory,neither a huge cycle showroom.It’s just students who have parked their bicycle in their stands.And indeed it is only a “Speck” compared to the strength of students at this place.

​There are few places of amusement including  Jagmandir,Kota barrage,City mall(one of favourite place which only kotaians can understand),And obviously chambal park to hang out for obvious reasons.

But the greatest amusement for we students is the ₹5 movie on mobile phones especially at saturday night.

The above all things generate great insight and view of study and tight schedule in kota.But since every coin has two faces,it too carries it.

A dark side of kota is the students involved in habits of smoking,drinking amd drugs abuse as a reuslt of being free from control of anyone or as fantasy tasting or in bad friend circle or out of depression.

Sometimes this depression leads to yet another result.A Nightmare for kota.A thing worrying kota more.

Its called “SUICIDE”.Almost 57 students have commited it in 2016 as an outcome of depression,bad grades or fear of being non-selected.Majority of students faces distress and depression but few just cannot succeed to overcome this and succumb to death which is absolutely unrepairable damage to their family and it is truly unaccepted.

Over 2,00,000 students or more study in kota to pursue their dreams and lighten their families name to the zenith working all the day and night,abstaining from all get togethers at home,missing those festivals at house just to celebrate festival of their success.

This is kota for the lakhs of children and their parents,a city of glazing dreams and burning desire.A city which brings rapid impulse into one’s spine at the day of result.



  1. Really an honest post. Preparing for the exam, I know the kind of pressure you have. Though I loved my subjects, I fell into the competition trap and I at some point, started working for marks, though I’m glad I had a great mentor.
    It reminded me of all the stress that I had, and I’m actually feeling blessed, that I didn’t have to go through all this scary competition, being far off from Kota.
    Really great post. A slap, a face of the harsh realities. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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