​ All-consuming explosion followed by a fervent flare Even the mighty eyes crippled,did not attempt a stare Succesfully proving it’s efficacy,devouring all that was near Surviving the atrocity were the eyes ‘Fading to black’,still trying to glare Lifted,medicated,nurtured,brought “back to life” Surrounded by men,armors,guns and knife Intense halogen lamps,forcing to squeeze his eyes shut Tied to rope,hanged… Read More POW

The ‘SO’u’L’e’D’ Flesh!

Standing by the pillars,luring those men With superfluous makeup Gazing through hundreds of brothels;winding up the lane ‘The road which hardly sees a person in light’ Now witnesses hundreds of ‘Men‘ occupying in the night The “RED” light so intense,forces to Squeeze one’s eye shut The have their identity,tagged as ‘Slut’ Looking at their faces,I… Read More The ‘SO’u’L’e’D’ Flesh!