The Waves Of Life

Sitting by the seashore Ears evident of those white noise and uproar Silencing every sound,blocking distractions far more Parallel waves generated upto the core Undulating waves entrusted with their duty Unleashing the ocean’s boundless beauty Splashing perpetually against anemones with absurdity Decimating barnacles and planktons causing atrocity Oh!Now that I could relate Life too has… Read More The Waves Of Life


​ Sitting by the window;gazing at the sky I espied a bird trying hard to fly She had mutilated feathers yet gave another try She did not excuse and persuade her heart by a lie Meanwhile droplets fell over the top Speeding themselves on the slope Each drop contributed to heavy rain that none could… Read More RAIN 


For all bloggers and my blog-family- Today I wanted not to post something,instead to discuss with all you people here;a question which continously drives my attention and pops me. Special point-: I am neither a modi lover nor his hater.I only believe in secular-humanism.Please don’t get offended.It’s just a healthy debate session. (Please provide your views… Read More DEBATE#1